Essential oil of Myrtle of Tunisia

Mode of  obtaining

Essential oils obtained by hydro distillation of the leafy branches of Myrtus communis.


Perfumery, Cosmetic, Aromatherapy, food Flavoring (drink)

rising, rural, cinéolée with a fruity note, (apple or plum).

Analysis physicochimical
Essential oil is a mobile liquid of color yellow-amber

Density relating to 20°C 0,873 to 0,920
Capacity rotator +22° to +25°
Index of refraction 1,463 to 1,468

The distillation on the leafy branches of Myrtus communis delivers 0,2 to 0,3% essential oil .


The essential oil of Myrtus communis Tunisian have for majority compounds a-pinene and the cinéole-1,8 respectively accounting for 50% and 20% of the gasoline. 
It contains moreover limonene (8% approximately), linalol (2 to 3%), acetate of géranyle (2%), a-terpineol (1 to 2%) and p-cymene (1 to 2%). 
A multitude of compounds present in small quantity even at the state of traces contribute to the odor of the essential oil of Myrtle of Tunisia : 
- Terpenes: camphene, sabinene, -pinene, d-3-careen, a-phllandrene, myrcene, cis and trans b-ocimenes, a-terpinene, b-terpinene, g-terpinene, terpinolene 
- Sesquiterpenes : a-copanene, b-caryophyllene, g-patchoulene, a-humulene 
- Oxides : oxidize caryophylene, of  linalyle, néryle. 
- Esters : esters isobutyric of which the isobutyl isobutyrate (0,4%), the ethyl isobuturate, the vinyl isobutyrate, acetates of linalyle (0,5%), a-terpényle (0,5%) of myrtènyle, bomyle, néryle and citronnellyle. These esters take part in the fruity note characteristic of essential oil 
- alcohols and phenols : géraniol, myrténol, terpinene-4-ol, methyl eugenol, cis-carvéol.


It there have some very small distiller which produce in the apparatus artisanal, a few ten of kilo of gasoline, but the major part of production be distil in some still of large capacity (3000 liter and more) install for the duration of countryside by the principal contractors. It is them also which organize the team of gatherer made up of peasant and some shepherd which ensure the cut of rosemary with sickle.  
This work seasonal represent a complement of  income significant for the population local.

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