A dog deprived  of sense of smell quickly becomes an apathetic vegetable. By the sense of smell, we perceive messages, good or bad, which influence our states of heart and guide our operating mode. 
You have all and a whole an odor which recalls you such or such memory. The cake of large mother, odor of mom, the perfume of your mistress at the school, so much of olfactive messages which make go up on the surface of the bits of last and why not of the memories of former lives? 
The aromatherapy uses these " memories " to act as surface or in-depth on our health and our well-being. While stimulating the nervous system, the flavors of essential oils launch a command of automatic regulation. More precisely, the aromatherapy prepares the body to fight against the disease by stimulating the reflex of car-cure and by modifying the chemical structure of the body liquids (saliva, blood, the lymph). 
Essential oils also have an influence on hormonal secretions, balance endocrinien and the body neuro-vegetative reactions. 
Already Japanese scents the offices with essential oils. The stress, the tension disappeared, work becomes easier, therefore better output and environment cotillion with work: Thank you owner! Test, while re-entering harassed with your day of labor, to diffuse an essential oil in your house. The effects are surprising of speed and effectiveness! 
A good therapy must be able to look after the small pains of the life and to calm the pains. For example, do you know that essential a mint oil drop on the temples will relieve a headache? Rosemary associated with the lavender, marjoram or the chamomile will calm articular or muscular pains. A clay cataplasm mingled with oil with millepertuis will be sovereign in the event of burn and the lavender will calm illico an insect bite.  
You see, the aromatherapy has marvelous and really effective virtues. Wounds, abrasions, contusions, that reasons to use the capacities of the aromatherapy. 
In isn't your medicine-chest, you store some drugs of first need there? It is the same in aromatherapy. Some essential oils must appear in your stock for against the small daily troubles.

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